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Mission statement: To inspire young minds to participate, learn and practice in Information Technology.
The main goal of our club is to provide a safe environment for like-minded young people to get interested in having serious fun in coding. Therefore, we welcome everyone to join our club, whether you want to make more friends have fun, or you want to learn to code but don't know where to start. Nevertheless, the main reason you understand coding is "because you like to." 
We cannot guarantee you will become the most excellent coder, but you will be guaranteed to have fun as our members are not only high achievers in their areas but also very funny and witty. Diversity is our strength. We have lots of full IB students as well as senior engineers. You can be as young as ten years old or as young as 55. For these young minds, you can imagine what valuable experiences you will get from your "senior" engineer members!
For those seriously thinking about computer programming, our club can facilitate realizing your dream. We have industry experts who regularly organize technical sessions and classes. Remember, in the future, coding is "a literacy." You don't have to be a full-time coder. Whatever you plan to do as your career, coding is there to increase your productivity. Even President Obama calls for everyone in America to learn to code.



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