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Career Ready Program

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Python students:

Updated: May 4, 2018

Please go to my Box Collaboration site to download the course materials:

Homework this Friday (April 20) are Assignment #3, Quiz 6.1, Quiz 6.2, Quiz 6.3. Please go through the Slides PDF of Module 2, and try to finish them. For those who has more time and energy, please feel free to finish reading till the end of Section 7 (“Loops”), and do the Assignment #4.

Please update your group name with format of your assigned student ID above+student name+self or relationship of the student (mom or dad).

You must complete Assignment #2 (installing Jupyter) because we are going to use Jupyter Notebook from the second class.

Please don’t distribute any course materials outside of this group and respect copyright and our instructor’s time and effort. Thanks to you all!

Current Plan: 5 sessions for Basic Python, each session will have 2-3 sections, each section includes 20 minutes presentation in classroom followed by 15 minutes exercise. Each session is two hours. For the last session, we will arrange a small project and pizza party.

Future courses include Advanced Python (numpy data processing and drawing) , data structure, Database programing, Software Designer, Internet-working, network security and more.

When: Friday night 6:30 to 8:30 starting from April 13th.

Where: Room 219 Chinese Culture Center

What to Bring: Laptop with Windows 7 and above or Mac OS.

Fee: $40 for 5 sessions ($8 per session) to cover the cost of classroom rental, materials, snacks and drink etc.

Recommended age 14 and up. Please indicate the age of the attendees when you register. Adults can indicate 18+. We will select candidates and group them appropriately.

Please fill the survey link here:

Thank you!

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