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Well done Class PFM201804

I think the class was very good although sometimes it takes long for you guys to do things.


Cool class. First few classes were a bit boring. Teach at a slower pace, sometimes the class moves on before I fully understand.

.In my opinion, I believe the teaching was average. We started off on a rocky road, but after the first lesson we started moving along. Personally I am not interested in coding

Thank you for teaching me.

5 stars. The instructors prepare very well for the classes and course is vividly, I love it. And also thanks for the Tech Club to hold such a meaningful courses.

The lessons I attended at HACC Tech were very informational. I enjoyed trying out the assignment give, we had a log of opportunities for hands on learning. Although there were some difficulties connecting to the WiFi, the shared materials was well organized and the teachers were prepared with USB sticks in case the WiFi did not work. I look forward to the advanced classes and hope to learn more about Raspberry PI.

I think the class was very good. I have learned a lot. I signed up for the advanced course. William

5 stars max. ******

I very * 16 like the class 吉祥如意,恭喜发财

I loved how we were taught how to use the Raspberry PI. Brendon

The class was informationainformationalylinformainformationally focused, and overall a great course. I would suggest to explain a little more indepth the assignments given as homework.

I think the class was a bit fast. I think it could have been better if more time and practice was dedicated to learning each new concept so we could better understand how the program works. There were some technical difficulties that could have been addressed before the class started.

Thank you all instructors! You are amazing. I learned a lot of magic information about Python. I will review them all to prepare to learn advanced Python. Thank you so much for your great efforts and  time. I can see all the kids learned a lot from the lessons. My suggestion is explain more and practice more for the examples or home works. Looking forward to using Python for programming.  Zhong Gu.

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